About Us

The Parish of St. Martin & St. Paul, Canterbury

Two Inclusive Churches in the centre of the Anglican Tradition

Our Parish Vision

We are called to worship God in Jesus Christ and to make Christ known in our community.  We do not have all the answers. We are on a spiritual journey. We look to scripture, reason and tradition to help us on our way. Whoever you are, we offer a space for you to draw nearer to God and walk with us.

St. Martin’s – Unbroken Prayer and a World Heritage Site

St. Martin’s Church is the oldest church in the English Speaking World and we feel privileged to worship in the cradle of English Christianity and welcome visitors and pilgrims from around the world. Since St. Augustine first worshipped here over 1,400 years ago, it has remained a place of unbroken prayer, mission and worship.

St. Paul’s without Walls – A place to belong

St. Paul’s without the Walls lives out its name by seeking to break down barriers between God, individuals, and communities. The building both inspires us and helps us meet the needs of others. This, alongside our inclusive welcome and joyful approach to worhsip creates a place where everyone, no matter who they are, can journey with God.