A Through the Month Cycle of Prayer for the Parish of St. Martin and St. Paul Canterbury

Pray for those who live or work in…

  1. Church Street (St. Paul’s), Lady Wootton’s Green, Monastery Street, Broad Street, Havelock Street
  2. North Holmes Road, St. Martin’s Terrace
  3. St. Martin’s Avenue, St. Martin’s Close, King’s Park
  4. St. Martin’s Place, St. Martin’s Hill, The Paddock
  5. Longport, Windmill Close, Love Lane, Ivy Lane
  6. Lower Chantry Lane, Edward Road, Albert Road
  7. Querns Road, Querns Place
  8. Littlebourne Road, Windmill Road, Avon Close
  9. Stodmarsh Road, Bekesbourne Lane, Worcester Lane
  10. Warwick Road, Somerset Road, Devon Road
  11. Kent Avenue, Essex Road, Suffolk Road 
  12. Sussex Avenue, Rutland Close, St. Paul’s Terrace
  13. Dorset Road, Hampshire Road, Cumberland Avenue
  14. Cornwall Gardens, Surrey Road, Spring Lane
  15. Sturmer Close, Lambourne Walk, Nonsuch Close, Ellison Walk
  16. Winston Close, Russet Road, Conference Walk, Pearmain Walk
  17. Discovery Walk, Fiesta walk, Laxton Way 
  18. Dryden Close, Byron Close, Pilgrims Way, Pilgrims Court
  19. Chaucer Close, Mount Road
  20. Milton Close, Barton Road, Cobham Close 
  21. New Dover Road, Churchill Road, Maryland Court, Bastian Mews
  22. Old Dover Road, St. Lawrence Close, Cowdrey Place
  23. Lichfield Avenue, Wells Avenue, Rochester Avenue, Lincoln Av 
  24. Stanmore Court, Abbot’s Barton Walk, St. Lawrence Road
  25. St. Augustine’s Road, Ersham Road, Cossington Road
  26. Dover Street, St. George’s Place and any new developments
  27. Villiers Road, Realmwood Close, Lampen Walk
  28. Blenheim Avenue, Sevastopol Place, Aisne Drive, Albuhera Sq 
  29. Duro Close, Sangro Place, Talavera Road, Ypres Crescent
  30. Burma Crescent, St Julien Av, Pilkem Cl, Somme Ct, Sabron Way
  31. The new developments being built

Pray for people and for places around the Parish and city…

  1. Our Archbishop, Bishops and Archdeacon
  2. Canterbury Cathedral, the Dean and Chapter, all staff, members, worshippers and visitors
  3. St. Martin’s Church and St. Paul’s Church, all who worship, hire, visit and help us to maintain them.
  4. The Parish Centre, all who work in it and all who enjoy its use.
  5. Our Rector, all members of the Ministry Team and their families.
  6. The Deanery, our Area Dean and Lay Chair, Deanery Ministry and Mission Committee, Deanery Synod and Chapter.
  7. Christians Together in Canterbury and all Canterbury Churches and Church Communities.
  8. Diocesan House and all who work there, Diocesan Synod
  9. Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury College, University for the Creative Arts
  10. All other places of advanced, vocational or language study.
  11. Sporting Venues and groups 
  12. St. Martin’s Hospital, Staff, Patients and service Users, Chaplains of all faiths and their families.
  13. Pilgrims Way School, Barton Court School, Kings School
  14. Collard House, Highland House, Abbeyfield and all residential homes 
  15. John & Ann Smith Almshouses, Cooper Adkinson Almshouses
  16. The Diocesan Link with Madagascar 
  17. Spring Lane Neighbourhood centre 
  18. Porchlight, Catching Lives, the Winter Shelter Scheme and all organisations supporting and advising the homeless 
  19. Christian Aid, the Children’s Society, CMS, USPG.
  20. Querns Community Centre 
  21. St. Martin’s in The World Heritage Site with the Abbey and Cathedral
  22. The Lord Mayor and the City Council
  23. The Magistrate’s Court 
  24. KidzKlub and all the children who go there
  25. Local clubs, pubs, restaurants, shops, hotels and places to stay
  26. The Cinema and other leisure attractions 
  27. Safety in travelling around the City
  28. Doctors Surgeries
  29. The local Police, Community Officers and Emergency Services 
  30. Kent & Canterbury Hospital staff, patients, users and chaplains
  31. Visitors and Pilgrims and all who work in the Parish

Pray for the Parochial Church Council and all Committees and Groups…

  1. The Parochial Church Council and its work
  2. The Churchwardens and Deputy Churchwardens
  3. The PCC Standing Committee 
  4. The Ministry Team
  5. Sunday Zone: children, leaders, helpers and families
  6. Messy Church@ Spring Lane and its planning group
  7. St. Paul’s@TeaTime and its planning group
  8. Pilgrimz After School Club and its children and leadership team
  9. The Mothers’ Union
  10. The Bible Study Groups
  11. The Education Group
  12. The Outreach Group
  13. The Worship Group
  14. The Children and Families Group
  15. The St. Paul’s Committee & the St. Martin’s Buildings Committee
  16. The Friends of St. Martin’s
  17. The Choir Director, Organist, Choir Secretary and Choir
  18. The Social Committee
  19. Our Administrators
  20. Our Treasurer and Stewardship Recorder
  21. The Cheeky Monkeys and Fisherfolk Playgroup
  22. Hub Committee, our Cleaners, our buildings, external groups using St Pauls and the Parish Centre.
  23. Website and Social Media planning 
  24. Any Special Project Groups
  25. The Cooper Adkinson and John & Ann Smith Almshouse Trustees
  26. Canterbury Relief in Need Trustees
  27. Meet, Eat and Explore
  28. PCC Secretary, Electoral Roll Officer, Librarian and Archivist
  29. All those coming to use for occasional officers (Baptism, Marriage, Blessing of Marriage, Funeral) and their families
  30. Interfaith Groups
  31. Those seeking information about family history and those who have worshipped with us and moved on.