St Paul's Organ

1900 Forster and Andrew’s Organ in St Paul’s (without the walls) Church, Canterbury.

St Pauls OrganGreat:
Open Diapason                       8
Clarabella                                8
Dulciana                                   8
Principal                                   4
Harmonic Flute                       4
Fifteenth                                   2
Clarionet                                  8

Organ PipesSwell:
Double Diapason                  16
Open Diapason                       8
Echo Gamba                            8
Voix Celeste (Tc)                     8
Principal                                   4
Mixture                                     II
Cornopean                               8
Oboe                                         8
Open Diapason                    16
Bourdon                                 16
Octave                                     8
Bass Flute                               8
Trombone                             16
Swell to Pedal
Swell to Great
Swell Octave
Great to Pedal
Manual action is tubular pneumatic, the Pedal action is electric.
2 composition pedals to Great
3 composition pedals to Swell
The console is original with square flat stop jambs and large stop knobs.