Schools Work: 

Josephs coat Pilgrim's Club is an after-school club at Pilgrims Way Primary School.  It is run every week by Rev. Mark Griffin, and members of the Parish of St Martin and St Paul. We meet every Tuesday from 3.00-4.00 at the  school. We have games, then a story based on the Christian message, crafts, and prayer time.  

We also do weekly year group assemblies, along with whole school assemblies covering the major Christian festivals


If your school wishes someone from our churches to lead an assembly please contact


 St Martin's is a beautiful and very historic church which seats approx. 100 children, and St Paul's is larger,  seats 180 or more as required, and can accommodate an entire Primary School or a couple of hundred  Secondary School students.  If you would like to use either of our churches for a school event just contact the  Parish Office to make arrangements.


Photos of what we have recently done:

Joseph Dove commandments