Easter In A Box - Easter Garden competition

Contact Hannah if you want a box.

If you have a box and need some ideas you can read the whole Easter story here:

or watch it here:

Remember - you need to include a cross and an empty tomb - you could also include more crosses (two other people dies at the same time as Jesus), flowers, rocks, grass, sand, people..... use what is in the box and also things you find at home, in the garden or in the park.

Make sure you decorate the inside of the lid as well to be your backdrop.

Send us a picture when you are done and there is a prize for the best garden!

Lockdown Zone

During lockdown we cannot run our Sunday Zone for kids which normally happens during the main service at St Pauls on a Sunday morning.

While we cannot meet we are creating challenges for each week based on the week’s Bible readings. You can find them all here (if you need an accessible word version fo the challenges please contact Hannah)

Lockdown zone kids challenge 7

Lockdown zone kids activities 14 fwb

Lockdown challenge for kids 5

Lockdown challenge for kids 4

Lockdown challenge for kids 3

Lockdown challenge for kids 2

Lockdown challenge for kids 1