Holiday Club

We are running a home holiday Club during this time while schools are shut.

Week 3 starts this Sunday - get your week 3 sheet here - it is Holy week so we will be making an Easter garden together!

You can still do the last few weeks if you want:

Get the sheet for Week 1 here!

- Get your Week 2 Sheet here

On this page you can find the outline for each week to follow at home as well as links each day to relevant videos and craft ideas.

The links and craft will go up the day before so watch this space - Remember send us pictures and videos of what you make and do so we can share with each other. Email them to (pictures and videos sent may be uploaded and shared on church websites and social media)


Here are some entries into this weeks picture and video competition. To enter to be in with a chance of winning the prize this week end us your pictures or videos of what you have done.

skeleton craftstaff craftsheep craftpaperchain craft

Day 14 Exodus 15:1-21

Watch: Prince of Egypt final scene 

 Think: God used Moses to save the Israelites. God promised to send someone to save the whole world—who do you think this was?

 Create: Make a musical instrument. I made a drum out of a tin and a balloon.  if you need some help for ideas you can find some ideas here:

drum craft

 Do: Use you instruments to make a joyful noise to praise God

 Pray: Thank God that there is a plan to save everyone

Day 13: Exodus 13:17 – 14:31

Watch: Prince of Egypt red sea

 Think: Are there still people in the world who are fleeing bad situations? How could we help them?

Create: a sea scene (with real water if you can!). I used a glass with some lego inside and paper round the outside:

sea scene craft

 Do: Make an assault course at home and who is fastest. Get an adult to help. Use what you have at home - chairs to go under or over, sheets or duvets to crawl under, tape on the floor to balance along...the only limit is your imagination!

Pray: For protection for people who have to travel

Day 12 Exodus 12:33-42

Watch: The Prince of Egypt – when you believe 

 Think: How would you feel to be set free after so many years as a slave

 Create: Paper chains to decorate your room - how long can you make your chain?

paperchain craft

Do: Create a den in your house. Think about where you feel most safe.

Pray: For freedom for people who still live in slavery

Day 11: Exodus 11 -12:32

Watch: Prince Of Egypt first born  

Think: Those who did what God commanded were safe – how hard is it to do things God asks us when we do not understand them?

 Create: make a lamb. I made a few out of lego but I didn't have enough White pieces so they ended up as multi coloured sheep! What will yours be made of?

lego sheep

Do: Put a heart on or by your front door. This is  a sign that people here love god. You could make a sign or use chalk on the wall next to the door or on the step outside.

 Pray: Ask God for protection for your friends and family

Day 10 – Exodus 8-10

Watch: The Prince of Egypt - plagues 

Think: why was pharaoh so stubborn and unwilling to acknowledge Gods power?

Create: A frog (one that jumps if you can!) You might need an adult to help with some of the folding, but make sure you do the decorating!

I found ideas at and a slightly easier one at:

origami frogs craft

Do: See how high you can jump – who can get the highest?

 Pray: For people who feel overwhelmed to know gods peace

Day 9 Exodus 7:8-25 - we return to the story of Moses

Watch: Prince of Egypt River of Blood 

 Think: How can we keep our faith when things don’t seem to be working?

 Create: Make a staff like Moses had. 

I made min out of rolled up paper and I wrote on it all of the things that God has given me which mean that I can trust God and do not need to be afraid. eg. Grace, forgiveness, love, friendship...

moses staff craft

 Do: Play sleeping lions. Moses had to keep doing something he found hard? Have am adult time yourself how long you can persist at being silent and still.

 Pray: That we can keep our faith even when things are not going our way

Day 8: Ezekiel 37: 1-14 - we take a break from Moses for one day.

Watch: Valley of dry bones kids 

Think: What does it feel like to be filled with the spirit of God?

Create: make a skeleton

I found some good ideas here:

I have these two at home. The one on the right was given to me a while back. The one on the right I made using tape (i didn't have any black paper so I switched it around and went for black bones on a white background). What will your one look like?

skeleton craft

Do: our bodies are given life through God – get your body moving, see if you can dance the whole way through this worship song ! Every move I make dance a long  

Pray: Give thanks that we can be filled with the power of God


We've had some great pictures sent in last week. Here are a selection. 

Well done - your prize will be on its way once everything is back to normal. 

Moses mapblock pyramidlego pyramidBurning bush paintingpeople paper chaindove craft

Our winner this week is the outside burning bush - good imagination there. Remember to be in with a chance of winning you need to send us your pictures or videos!

burning bush craft outside

The links and craft will go up the day before so watch this space - Remember send us pictures and videos of what you make and do so we can share with each other. Email them to (pictures and videos sent may be uploaded and shared on church websites and social media)

Day 7 Exodus 7:8- end

Watch: Prince of Egypt playing with the big boys 

 Think: What has most power in our lives? God or Fear?

 Create: Make a worry box. Whenever you are worried write or draw it down and put it in the box. Hannah made hers out of an old cereal box what will yours be made out of? Remember keep it somewhere safe and whenever you feel worry put your worry in the box and ask God to take it from you

Worry Box Craft

 Do: See who is strongest at home — who can do the most push-ups?

 Pray: For people to remember how powerful God is

Day 6: Exodus 6: 2-13

Watch: Prince of Egypt through heaven's eyes - 

 Think: Moses couldn't see what God could see in him. How do you think God sees you?

Create: Draw yourself and write 10 good things about you next to it. Here is Hannah's attempt - can you draw better than her?


 Do: Tell 5 people 5 good things about themselves.

Pray: That people would know how God sees them—as special and unique

Day 5 Exodus 4:27-6:1

Watch: The Prince of Egypt - Return To Egypt 

 Think: Moses obeyed God—is it always easy to do what God wants?

 Create: Try and draw a maze or a map to get Moses back to Egypt. here is one that Hannah made:

Maze picture

                Advice for maze drawing can be found here:

                Or you could make it like a treasure map where Egypt is the treasure to get to for ways to do that you can look here:

Do: Remember the song from Sunday? learn the actions or make up your own and make a video.

Pray: For courage to do what God wants us to do

Day 4: Exodus 4:1-20

Watch: Prince Of Egypt Deliver Us -


Think: God had been planning for Moses for a long time—do you think God still has a plan for the world?

 Create: Moses had his family helping him. Make a people paper chain of your family

Different way to make people paper chains can be found here:

Hannah made a circle of her family, what will your look like. Who is each person representing?

People circle paper chain

 Do: Make a thank you card for a family member who has helped you.

 Pray: Thank God for your family

Day 3 – Exodus 2:23-3.20

Watch: The Prince of Egypt - God Speaks to Moses -

Think: How would it feel to have an encounter with God like that?

Create: Make or draw a burning bush. Hannah has made hers using paper and pens. Could you use things from outside as well? Get creative (but NO real fire!)

Burning Bush craft

Do: Moses had to be fit to look after his sheep. Have a competition to see who can do the most star jumps

 Pray: For people to encounter God in their lives.

Day 2: Monday 23 March 2020

Exodus 2: 11-22 

Watch: Moses flees from Pharaoh -

Think: Moses is going to help save his people but now he feels alone. What can help us not feel alone?

 Create: Moses grew up in Egypt— make the biggest pyramid you can, I made one out of Lego and also made one with my books. What will you make a pyramid out of and how big will it be? (Remember - whatever you make you do have to tidy up afterwards!)

Lego PyramidBook Pyramid

Do: With an adult contact someone who might be feeling lonely and scared at the moment 

Pray: For people who are alone that they would know God’s peace.

Day 1: Sunday 22 March 2020

 Colossians 3: 12-17

Watch: Peace Like A River CJ and Friends -

Think: How can we have peace when things seem scary?

Create: Make a dove and hang in your room –I got my idea on the left from on pintrest but a search of the internet with an adult  brings up lots of ideas as well. the Dove on the right was made for me a few months ago. Get creative!

Dove craft for holiday cubdove craft 2 for holiday club

Do: Join the national action –with an adult light a candle at 7pm and put it in your window. People all over the country will be doing this as a sign that the light of the world is with us and reminding us to pray for light in dark and scary times.

Pray: For people who are scared that they would know God’s peace.

Remember send us pictures and videos of what you make and do so we can share with each other. Email them to (pictures and videos sent may be uploaded and shared on church websites and social media)