Holiday Club

We are running a home holiday Club during this time while schools are shut.

Week 11 starts this Sunday - get your week 11 sheet here. We are continuing the countdown to the celebration of Pentecost.

You can still do the last few weeks if you want:

Get the sheet for Week 1 here!Get your Week 2 Sheet here, week 3 here, week 4, week 5, week 6, week 7, week 8, week 9, week 10

On this page you can find the outline for each week to follow at home as well as links each day to relevant videos and craft ideas.

The links and craft will go up the day before so watch this space - Remember send us pictures and videos of what you make and do so we can share with each other. Email them to (pictures and videos sent may be uploaded and shared on church websites and social media)

Week 11 - All of the days for week 11 are up - scroll down to find the right day

To enter to be in with a chance of winning the prize this week send us your pictures or videos of what you have done

Day 1 Pentecost – Acts 2

Watch: God sends the Holy Spirit (saddleback)

Think: How does it feel to be filled with the Holy Spirit?

Create: The Spirit came with wind and fire that settled on them - Make a fire headdress/hat

Need some inspiration?

Do: Do the day 11 activities on the TKC map and app.

Pray: Today is the birthday for the church – play for the church around the world


Day 2  Luke 5:15-26

Watch: Jesus heals a Paralyzed man (saddleback)

Think: What do you think the word sin means?

Create: A before and after picture/model of the man who was healed

Do: Be a good friend – make a cool card and send it to your friend.

Pray: For friends to help each other


Day 3 John 2: 1-11

Watch: Jesus turns water into wine (saddleback)

Think: Why did Jesus make the best wine, why not just normal wine?

Create: draw a picture of todays story

Do: experiment – how can you change the colour of water?

Pray: For people who are celebrating to have a good time


Day 4: Mark 4:35-41

Watch:  Jesus calms the storm (saddleback)

Think: How could Jesus control the weather?

Create: We cannot control the weather like Jesus did but we can track it - make a weather chart

For some ideas:

Do: Each day change your weather chart to show what it is like outside

 Pray: For safety for people who work at sea


Day  5  John 6:5-13

Watch: Jesus feeds the 5000 (saddleback)

 Think: would you have been willing to share your food like the boy did?

 Create: Jesus used fish to feed people -  Early Christians used the symbol of a fish to say they believed in God -  Make a fish as a symbol of your faith

For some cool ideas:

Do: Help with some cooking at home today

Pray: For people who are hungry to have enough


Day 6: Matthew 14:22-33

Watch: Jesus walks on water

Think:  How was Peter able to do this amazing thing like Jesus?

Create: A boat with people on it

Do: Fill a bowl with water and see how well your boat floats even when the water moves. See if any of your people float!

Pray: For people to have faith to do amazing things


Day 7  John 11: 1-44

Watch: Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead (saddleback)

Think: How do you think Mary and Martha felt?

 Create: Lazarus was wrapped in linen when he was buried, a bit like an Egyptian mummy -  Make a mummy.

For some ideas:

Do: Wrap yourself in a sheet – see how easy it is to walk.

 Pray: For people who are grieving to have hope in God


Week 10 - All of the days for week 10 are up - scroll down to find the right day

here is the winning craft this:

flower vases craft

Day 1 Sorry – Luke 7:36-50

Watch: Jesus and the Sinful Woman 

Think: Do we all have things we need to say sorry to God for?

Create: Make a vase to hold flowers – their nice smell reminds us of the perfume the woman poured on Jesus’ feet.

Do: use the TKC (Thy Kingdom Come) map and app to do the day 4 activities.

Pray: For everyone to know forgiveness


Day 2  offer 2 Corinthians 4:7-10

Watch: God’s Story: God made People

Think: What gifts do you have to offer people?

Create: The Bible says that we are like Jars of Clay – we are made by God and all have amazing gifts inside of us to use. Make a jar or pot to remind you how special God created you.

Do: Do the day 5 activities on the TKC map and app.

Pray: For everyone to know how special they are


Day 3 Pray For- Luke 19:1-10

Watch: Zacchaeus (saddleback)

Think: God thought everyone was special – even Zacchaeus! Do we think everyone is special?

Create: make a tree

Do: Do the day 6 activities on the TKC map and app.

Pray: For people who feel lost to know that Jesus thinks they are special


Day 4: Help Luke 10:25-37

Watch:  Good Samaritan  (saddleback)

Think: Would you stop to help someone who was very different to you?

Create: Make a card for you neighbours to encourage them and let them know you are here to help if they need it. Take an adult with you to deliver it.

DoDo the day 7 activities on the TKC map and app.

 Pray: For people to help each other


Day  5  Adore – Matt 13:44

Watch: Treasure in the Field: Bible Story

 Think: What is your greatest treasure?

 Create: A treasure map of your home. Hide something and see if people can find it using just your map!

Do: use the TKC map and app to do the day 8 activities.

Pray: That we remember to treasure God and all God has given us.


Day 6: Celebrate Luke 15:8-10

Watch: The Parable of the Lost Coin (saddleback)

Think:  What type of things do you normally celebrate?

Create: Bunting for a party – put it up and have a celebration at home!

Do: Do the day 9 activities on the TKC map and app.

Pray: For people to be able celebrate that God loves them


Day 7  Silence Proverbs 10:14

Watch: No Video today – sit in silence for 2 Minutes!

Think: Why do we find it hard to be silent sometimes?

 Create: We can get distracted really easily with so much going on around us – so much noise and action. Make an area of your room into a quite place/corner where you can go and be quite – get refreshed, calm down, and listen to God.

Do: Do the day 10 activities on the TKC map and app.

 Pray: For people to hear God in the silence

Week 9

To enter to be in with a chance of winning the prize this week send us your pictures or videos of what you have done

Day 7  James 1:17

Watch: God’s story: Generosity

Think: God is generous – what has God given us?

 Create: A treasure chest to keep your precious things in.

Do: Do the day 3 activities on the TKC map and app.

 Pray: Give thanks for everything that God has given us.

Day 6: Psalm 126

Watch: Signs and Wonders: Watoto

Think:  what amazing things has God done for us?

Create: make a rainbow – a sign of the good things and promises God has made to us.

Do: use the TKC map and app to do the day 2 activities.

Pray: for God to do amazing things this week

Day  5  Luke 15: 4-7

Watch: The Lost Sheep (saddleback)

 Think: How far would God go to find you?

 Create: Make a telescope to remember how God always looks for us.

Do: Download the Thy Kingdom Come map and App and try the activities for day 1

Pray: For people who feel lost

Day 4: Genesis 44& 45

Watch:  I am Your brother – Joseph: King of Dreams

Think: Joseph planted the cup to see if his older brothers had changed – would you have been able to forgive them?

Create: A Silver Cup

Do: Talk/skype/zoom with your family and tell them that you love them.

 Pray: For people to be able to forgive others

Day 3 Genesis 42 & 43

Watch: Joseph’s Brothers Return – Joseph: King of Dreams 

Think: Why did Joseph not trust his brothers?

Create: the Egyptians wore a lot of jewellery – make some Egyptian wrist bands

For some ideas:

Do: Josephs family travelled a long way to get to Egypt – how far can you walk today?

Pray: For families grow stronger together

Day 2  Genesis 41: 46-57

Watch: Seven Years of harvest – Joseph: King of Dreams  

Think: Why do you think people find it hard to work together sometimes?

Create: The grain had to be stored – design your own storehouse.

Do: have a competition – see who is the strongest

Pray: For enough food for everyone

Day 1 Genesis 41: 1-45

Watch: Pharaoh’s Dreams – Joseph: King of Dreams 

Think: Pharaoh trusted what Joseph said – would you have trusted him?

Create: Make a money box

Need inspiration? Find some ideas here:

Do: Start saving – whenever you have enough make sure you put some money in your box

Pray: For people in charge to make good decisions

Week 8

Our winning craft this week was this Lego Noahs Ark:

Lego Noahs Ark

Day 7  Genesis 40

Watch: Dreamseer – Joseph: King of Dreams


Think: How would you feel if someone said they could understand your dreams?

 Create: God helped Joseph to understand dreams. Make a dreamcatcher to help remember that God gives us all gifts.

Do: See if you or any of your family remember any dreams you have had

 Pray: For people in prison

Day 6: Genesis 39: 2-23

Watch: Potiphar’s wife – Joseph: King of Dreams

Think:  Why did Joseph able to do the right thing even when he knew he could get in big trouble?

Create: Joseph missed his home – draw your home and family

Do: Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphs – find out what they looked like, see if you can write in them.

Pray: For people who are in trouble for doing the right thing

Day  5  Genesis 39:1

Watch: Enslaved in Egypt – Joseph: King of Dreams  

 Think: Egypt used slaves to do hard work – why do people treat others so badly?

 Create: Pharaoh was in charge of Egypt – make a Pharaoh headdress

Do: Egypt built large cities full of monuments. Design your own city – what would it look like? What monuments and statues would be in it?

Pray: For freedom for slaves

Day 4: Genesis 37: 25-36

Watch:  Sold into Slavery – Joseph: King of Dreams

Think: How do you think Joseph was feeling as he was taken away from his home?

Create: A camel (or a whole caravan of camels)

Do: Joseph was being taken to Egypt – find where it is on a map

 Pray: For people who have been betrayed to have hope

Day 3 Genesis 37:12-24

Watch: Betrayed by his Brothers – Joseph: King of Dreams


Think: Why were Joseph’s brothers so jealous?

Create: Joseph lost his coat and had his life turned all around. Make a cardboard spinner – decorate one side with colours and leave the other blank.

Do: Sit alone from a while – think about how scared Joseph would have been.

Pray: For people who feel alone to know peace

Day 2  Genesis 37: 1-11

Watch: The Miracle Child – Joseph: King of Dreams

Think: Why do you think his parents thought Joseph was special?

Create: A coat of colours

Do: Tell all your family why you think they are special.

Pray: For brothers and sisters to get on

Day 1 The Whole Bible!

Watch: All through History

Think: What do you think is the biggest and most important  thing God has ever done?

Create: Make a Timeline with all the Bible stories you can think of on it

Do: Create a scene from the Bible out of Lego or toys

Pray: Thank God for always being with us

Week 7

We had some great pictures this week:

tent for toys crafta small tent made for two dollsscrubs made for a dollphoto frame craft made by kidslantern craft made by kids

Day 7 Acts

Watch: Paul’s Journey: What’s in the Bible

Think: Why do you think Paul felt he needed to travel so much?

Create: Paul did a LOT of walking.  Make a picture out of your footprints.

For some ideas:

Do: See how far you can walk this week?

 Pray: For people who are traveling today.

Day 6: Acts 24

Watch: Paul and Felix (slapstick theatre)

 Think:  Why do you think some Jews were upset with Paul?

Create: Paul was arrested by the Romans. Make Roman armour (shield, sword, helmet,,, etc)

Do: Find out 5 cool things about the Roman Empire

Pray: For people who are scared


Day 5  Acts 18:24-28

Watch: Apollos (slapstick theatre)

 Think: Do we know the whole story about God?

Create: Apollos needed someone to help him see the whole story. Make a lantern and think about how much we see

Do: Find Ephesus and Achaia on a map. How long would it take to travel between them?

Pray: For people to know the whole story of God

Day 4: Acts 18:1-17

Watch: Aquilla and Priscilla (slapstick theatre)

Think: Would you have helped Paul?

 Create: Make a tent

Do: Tents needed to be sown together. See if you can learn to sew.

 Pray: For people who teach us.

Day 3  Acts 16:16-36

Watch:  Paul and Silas (slapstick theatre)

Think: How could Paul and Silas worship when they were in prison?

Create: Make an earthquake proof structure -build a tower on a tray – see how much you can shake the tray before it falls over

Do: Find out 5 facts about Earthquakes

 Pray: For people who are sick

Day 2 Acts 16:11-15, 40

Watch: Lydia (slapstick theatre)

 Think: What do you understand about God?

 Create: Doctor and Nurses scrubs can sometimes be made from purple cloth. Make some purple scrubs for a toy or draw a doctor in purple scrubs.

Do: Lydia had a business selling purple cloth. Think what type of business you would like to run and make a poster for it.

 Pray: For Doctors and Nurses

Day 1

Watch: Made for This (Lifetree kids) 

Think: Everyone is made unique, what is special about you?

Create: A picture frame – for a picture of your family, to remember that they are all special and unique.

Do: Learn the actions for the song

Pray: That everyone will know they are not alone

Week 6

 We had some great pictures this week:

jesus and me cartoonroom sign craftt shirt craftanimal picture craftflower pictures craftscroll craft

and our winner is this scroll with information about God on it:scroll with facts about God on

Day 7 Acts 12:1-19

Watch: Peter escapes from Prison (slapstick theatre)

 Think: How would you feel if an angel appeared in your house?

 Create: Make an angel (imagine what one would look like)

Do: Peter thought he was imagining the angel and his escape. Daydream and think of the most crazy thing you can imagine!

 Pray: For people who are in prison because of their faith.

Day 6: Acts 10

Watch: Peter Visited Cornelius

Think:  Do we believe that God’s love is for everybody?

Create: An animal scene with as many animals as you can make or draw.

Do: Find out some facts about your favourite animal

Pray: For people who do not feel loved that they will know that God loves them

Day  5  Acts 9:26-31, 13&14

Watch: Paul and Barnabas (slapstick theatre)

 Think: Why were the disciples suspicious about Paul?

 Create: Paul and Barnabas travelled a lot to tell people about Jesus, often they went over the sea - Make a boat

Do: Work out how you could travel to the other side of the world.

Pray: For safety for people who have to travel today

Day 4: 9:36-43

Watch:  Tabitha Bible story (lifekids)

Think: How could we help others like Tabitha did?

Create: Sports teams can be recognised by their shirts. How do people recognised followers of God. Design a T-shirt for followers of God

Do: Find some old clothes or toys to give away to charity to help people

 Pray: For love for others 

Day 3  Acts 9:1-17

Watch: Paul’s Ministry (saddleback)

Think: If you were Ananias would you have been scared to go and help Paul?

Create: God calls people by name – make a name sign for your bedroom door

Do: Say thank you to people who help you

 Pray: For people to have courage to help people even when they are scared

Day 2  Acts 8:5-40

Watch: Philip and the Ethiopian

 Think: Why do you think the Ethiopian wanted to get Baptised?

 Create: Make a scroll – write on it the most important things people need to know about God.

you can find some examples by looking online:

Do: Find out 5 facts about the country of Ethiopia

 Pray: For people who teach others about God

Day 1 The Whole Bible!

Watch: How to read the Bible: Biblical Story

Think: What do you think is the most important thing the Bible says about God?

Create: write (or draw) a story about a conversation with God

Do: How many books of the Bible can you remember?

Pray: For people to be able to read the Bible in their own language

Week 5

 To enter to be in with a chance of winning the prize this weeks end us your pictures or videos of what you have done.

We had some great pictures this week:

Heart colouring We Are the church posterthe worldmegaphoneheartsst georges cross in Lego

Our winner was:

butterfly mobile

Day 7 Stephen Acts 6&7

Watch: God’s Story: Stephen

Think: Why did Stephen make some people so mad?

Create: Stephens death sent seeds of love around the world as people heard about God. Make a flower to remind us that love grows out of small seeds

Do: Stephen was a hero – think what would your perfect hero be like?

 Pray: For Gods love to grow

Day 6: Arrests and Persecution  Acts 4

Watch: The Apostles and the High Council

 Think:  Would I be so bold to keep telling people about Jesus?

Create: Make a megaphone

 Do: Listen to Nishan’s story:

Pray: For people who are persecuted for their faith

Day 5  Peter heals and preaches Acts 3:1-26

Watch: Peter Heals a Beggar Who Can’ t Walk (saddleback)

 Think: Peter is doing miracles and teaching people boldly. Where did his power and confidence come from?

Create: Peter had been remade from sacred person who denied Jesus into bold teacher – make a Butterfly to remember we can transform

Do: Be bold – do something that scares you today.

Pray: For healing for people who are sick

Day 4: 1st believers Acts 2:37-47

Watch: What is the Church (Lifekids)

Think: How does it feel to not be able to go to our church buildings?

 Create: Make a ‘We Are The Church’ poster and put it in your window so everyone can see!

Do: make a card for someone from church and remind them that they are part of the church even when we don’t have a building

 Pray: That people would know that they belong

Day 3  Pentecost Acts 2:1-36

Watch:  God Sends The Holy Spirit (saddleback) 

Think: Do people still get filled with the Holy Spirit?

Create: A Wind chime to hang outside or in your window. You can find some ideas here:

Do: With an adult light a candle and think about how powerful fire is and how much more powerful the Holy Spirit is!

 Pray: To be filled with the Holy Spirit

Day 2 Ascension Acts 1: 1-11

Watch: Jesus’ Ascension (saddleback)

 Think: How can we tell people about Jesus love?

 Create: Heart beats prove that we are alive. Jesus is still alive! Make a heart mobile to hang up to remind you of this.

You can find ideas online:

 Do: Try and find your pulse. How many times does it beat in a minute?

 Pray: Pray for people who are waiting for hope

Day 1

Watch Beat of Your Love: Watoto

Think: Is there anywhere in the world that God is not?

Create:  The world - what could you use? lego, paper, card, playdough, plastacine......?

Some ideas:

Do: Think of where your favourite place on earth is

Pray: For the world 

Week 4

 To enter to be in with a chance of winning the prize this week end us your pictures or videos of what you have done

Here are some of this weeks pics

bird feeder craft:empty tomb craftfreindship braceletsglasses craftglasses craft

7 Phoebe Romans 16: 1-2

Watch: I have decided (Lifetree kids)

 Think: We don’t know much about her but we know Phoebe became a deacon (a leader) in the early church. What might you become?

 Create: Fingerprint painting – everyone has a unique role to play even the not so famous people.

Have a look at some ideas online  for inspiration:

 (if you don’t have paint at home – why not draw around your hand and make a hand print craft eg:

Do: Write a letter to your future self, say what you hope to be like. Hide the letter so you can read it in the future.

 Pray: For all the unknown people who are doing amazing things helping us all at the moment.

Day 6: Paul Acts 9: 1-20

Watch: God’s Story: Paul

 Think:  Paul encountered Jesus after Jesus had returned to heaven. How can people encounter Jesus when we can’t see him?

Create: make a rocket, think of all the adventures Paul went on with God. Where could you go with God?

I made my rocket ship from an old bottle, some paper and some tape. what will you use?

rocket ship craft

 Do: Look at a map of the world. Think about where you would most like to go.

Pray: For us to be brave 

Day 5  Thomas -  John 20:4-29

Watch: Jesus appears to Thomas (Lego Bible Short)

 Think: Why do we doubt God?

 Create: Jesus filled his followers with the Holy Spirit. Its often described like a wind. Make a kite to fly in the wind. Here is one I made:

kite craft

I got the instructions from here:

Do: See how many birds you can spot soaring in the wind

Pray: To be filled with the Holy Spirit

Day 4: Peter John 21:1-19

Watch: The Easter Poem

Think: How does it feel to know Jesus will always forgive you?

 Create: Jesus used the example of feeding animals to ask Peter to look after followers of Jesus. Make a birdfeeder (you can use breakfast cereals in your feeder if you have no seeds)


Do: Play follow the leader. Who is the best at following exactly what the leader does?

 Pray: Thank God for forgiving us

Day 3  Road to Emmaus Luke 24: 13-35

Watch: The seriously Surprising Story

Think: The people didn’t recognise Jesus? Do we recognise God in the world?

Create: They needed their eyes open to see Jesus properly – make yourself glasses to wear

crazy glasses craft

Do: Think about all the Bible stories you know -how many do you know? Who knows the most at home?

 Pray: For Jesus to be seen in the world

Day 2 Mary  John 20: 1-18

Watch: Easter – Little Bible Heroes

 Think: Mary was the first person to tell others that Jesus was alive. How do we tell people?

 Create: Mary was a good friend and never deserted Jesus – make a friendship bracelet to remind yourself that Jesus will always be your friend. For ideas on how to do this:

 Do: Contact one of your friends (email, phone, skype) and thank them for being your friend

 Pray: thank god for your friends 


Day 1 Easter Day Matthew 28:1-10

Watch The resurrection of Jesus (Easter Sunday):

Think: Jesus is Alive! So What does that mean for me today?

Create: A new day has dawned – make a sun to go above your Easter scene

easter scene with sun

Do: Celebrate Easter! Say Happy Easter to everyone in your family!

Pray: Thank God for the resurrection!


Here are some entries into this weeks picture and video competition. To enter to be in with a chance of winning the prize this week end us your pictures or videos of what you have done.

palm sunday craft<br>palm sunday craftpainted rock craftchildren doing foot washing last supper made of cardboard

Day 7 Jesus Buried matt 27:57-66

Watch: Jesus is Buried – Stories of Jesus (story starts at 1:12)

 Think: How would the disciples be feeling. The person they thought would save them is dead?

 Create: A tomb in your Easter scene with a rock across the entrance. I wrapped a lego figure in tissue and put it in the tomb to represent Jesus. I also put two guards outside the tomb.

Tomb with Jesus inLego figure wrapped up<br>

tray scene with tomb and soldiers

Do: Find a dark place in the house and stay there for a few moments. Think about how you would feel to be alone and scared with no hope.

 Pray: For people who feel abandoned and hopeless

Day 6: Arrest and Trial  Matthew 26: 36- 27:55

Watch: The Story of Jesus on Trial

 Think:  Would you have run away like the disciples did?

Create: Make a hill on your scene and then make a cross and place it on there (or three crosses - two other people were killed at the same time as Jesus). I made my crosses out of lego

3 lego crosses3 lego crosses in easter garden

 Do: Take your light you made on Tuesday and the disciples you made on Wednesday off of your scene or cover them up – Jesus the light of the world has been abandoned and has died!

Pray: For people who have lost loved ones

Day 5  The Last Supper (part 2) Matthew 26: 17-30

Watch: The Story of Easter (The Last Supper)

 Think: Why do you think Judas betrayed Jesus?

 Create: a table for your scene – place some bread on it and put it next to yesterdays water bowl. I made my table out of lego.

easter garden with table craft

Do: Eat some bread—as you chew think about what God has given you and say thank you.

Pray: For strength to keep trusting Jesus

Day 4: The Last Supper (part 1) John 13:1-17. 15:1-27

Watch: God’s Story: The Last Supper

Think: How can we act like Jesus this week?

 Create: Jesus was with his friends – make 12 people to add to the tray (+make an extra one – this is you!)

I made 6 people out of egg cartons, a couple of lego people and the rest from cardboard. What will yours be made from?

people and easter garden craft<br>

Do: Put a small bowl of water on your Easter scene to show the foot washing (eg the lid of a bottle or bottle  of a plastic bottle) - I used the old lid from a glue stick and coloured it blue and put water in it (see picture above)

 Pray: Pray for people to help each other 

Day 3  Jesus the Light of the World – John 12:20-36

Watch: He Is The Light Song

Think: How much difference can one small light make in a dark place?

Create: Make a small fire or light for your scene (use a battery candle if you have one). NO REAL FIRE!!!! i made two - one with tissue paper and one out of lego.

light craft

Do: Learn the actions for the song – when you feel worried remember the words.

 Pray: For God’s light to shine brightly in the darkness of fear

Day 2 Jesus Anointed – John 12:1-11

Watch: Mary Pours perfume on Jesus -

 Think: Mary gave Jesus special oil - What could we give Jesus?

 Create: decorate rocks with pictures about the Easter story - what images can you think to put on your rocks? If you can't get hold of any real rocks use paper and cut out rock shapes like two of the ones below!

rocks decorated

 Do: Every part of the story this week is part of the journey towards Easter - place the rocks like a road across your decorated tray

rock road craft

 Pray: for bravery to follow God

Day 1 Palm Sunday Matthew 21:1-22

Watch: God’s Story: Palm Sunday

Think: Do we think of Jesus as King in our lives

Create: a donkey. 

i made mine from cardboard and pegs - what will yours be made from?

donkey craft

Do: All our crafts are going to join up together this week find a big tray or box lid that you can use all this week and decorate it (with paper or soil). Put your donkey in one corner

I used the lid of a box - I used paper to look like grass in one version and real dirt in the other. Keep the tray somewhere safe - we will be adding to it every day!!!

tray with green paper in ittray with dirt in<br>

Pray: That people would recognise Jesus as King


Here are some entries into this weeks picture and video competition. To enter to be in with a chance of winning the prize this week end us your pictures or videos of what you have done. This weeks the Frog video has won! Well done!

skeleton craftstaff craftsheep craftpaperchain craft

Day 14 Exodus 15:1-21

Watch: Prince of Egypt final scene 

 Think: God used Moses to save the Israelites. God promised to send someone to save the whole world—who do you think this was?

 Create: Make a musical instrument. I made a drum out of a tin and a balloon.  if you need some help for ideas you can find some ideas here:

drum craft

 Do: Use you instruments to make a joyful noise to praise God

 Pray: Thank God that there is a plan to save everyone

Day 13: Exodus 13:17 – 14:31

Watch: Prince of Egypt red sea

 Think: Are there still people in the world who are fleeing bad situations? How could we help them?

Create: a sea scene (with real water if you can!). I used a glass with some lego inside and paper round the outside:

sea scene craft

 Do: Make an assault course at home and who is fastest. Get an adult to help. Use what you have at home - chairs to go under or over, sheets or duvets to crawl under, tape on the floor to balance along...the only limit is your imagination!

Pray: For protection for people who have to travel

Day 12 Exodus 12:33-42

Watch: The Prince of Egypt – when you believe 

 Think: How would you feel to be set free after so many years as a slave

 Create: Paper chains to decorate your room - how long can you make your chain?

paperchain craft

Do: Create a den in your house. Think about where you feel most safe.

Pray: For freedom for people who still live in slavery

Day 11: Exodus 11 -12:32

Watch: Prince Of Egypt first born  

Think: Those who did what God commanded were safe – how hard is it to do things God asks us when we do not understand them?

 Create: make a lamb. I made a few out of lego but I didn't have enough White pieces so they ended up as multi coloured sheep! What will yours be made of?

lego sheep

Do: Put a heart on or by your front door. This is  a sign that people here love god. You could make a sign or use chalk on the wall next to the door or on the step outside.

 Pray: Ask God for protection for your friends and family

Day 10 – Exodus 8-10

Watch: The Prince of Egypt - plagues 

Think: why was pharaoh so stubborn and unwilling to acknowledge Gods power?

Create: A frog (one that jumps if you can!) You might need an adult to help with some of the folding, but make sure you do the decorating!

I found ideas at and a slightly easier one at:

origami frogs craft

Do: See how high you can jump – who can get the highest?

 Pray: For people who feel overwhelmed to know gods peace

Day 9 Exodus 7:8-25 - we return to the story of Moses

Watch: Prince of Egypt River of Blood 

 Think: How can we keep our faith when things don’t seem to be working?

 Create: Make a staff like Moses had. 

I made min out of rolled up paper and I wrote on it all of the things that God has given me which mean that I can trust God and do not need to be afraid. eg. Grace, forgiveness, love, friendship...

moses staff craft

 Do: Play sleeping lions. Moses had to keep doing something he found hard? Have am adult time yourself how long you can persist at being silent and still.

 Pray: That we can keep our faith even when things are not going our way

Day 8: Ezekiel 37: 1-14 - we take a break from Moses for one day.

Watch: Valley of dry bones kids 

Think: What does it feel like to be filled with the spirit of God?

Create: make a skeleton

I found some good ideas here:

I have these two at home. The one on the right was given to me a while back. The one on the right I made using tape (i didn't have any black paper so I switched it around and went for black bones on a white background). What will your one look like?

skeleton craft

Do: our bodies are given life through God – get your body moving, see if you can dance the whole way through this worship song ! Every move I make dance a long  

Pray: Give thanks that we can be filled with the power of God


We've had some great pictures sent in last week. Here are a selection. 

Well done - your prize will be on its way once everything is back to normal. 

Moses mapblock pyramidlego pyramidBurning bush paintingpeople paper chaindove craft

Our winner this week is the outside burning bush - good imagination there. Remember to be in with a chance of winning you need to send us your pictures or videos!

burning bush craft outside

The links and craft will go up the day before so watch this space - Remember send us pictures and videos of what you make and do so we can share with each other. Email them to (pictures and videos sent may be uploaded and shared on church websites and social media)

Day 7 Exodus 7:8- end

Watch: Prince of Egypt playing with the big boys 

 Think: What has most power in our lives? God or Fear?

 Create: Make a worry box. Whenever you are worried write or draw it down and put it in the box. Hannah made hers out of an old cereal box what will yours be made out of? Remember keep it somewhere safe and whenever you feel worry put your worry in the box and ask God to take it from you

Worry Box Craft

 Do: See who is strongest at home — who can do the most push-ups?

 Pray: For people to remember how powerful God is

Day 6: Exodus 6: 2-13

Watch: Prince of Egypt through heaven's eyes - 

 Think: Moses couldn't see what God could see in him. How do you think God sees you?

Create: Draw yourself and write 10 good things about you next to it. Here is Hannah's attempt - can you draw better than her?


 Do: Tell 5 people 5 good things about themselves.

Pray: That people would know how God sees them—as special and unique

Day 5 Exodus 4:27-6:1

Watch: The Prince of Egypt - Return To Egypt 

 Think: Moses obeyed God—is it always easy to do what God wants?

 Create: Try and draw a maze or a map to get Moses back to Egypt. here is one that Hannah made:

Maze picture

                Advice for maze drawing can be found here:

                Or you could make it like a treasure map where Egypt is the treasure to get to for ways to do that you can look here:

Do: Remember the song from Sunday? learn the actions or make up your own and make a video.

Pray: For courage to do what God wants us to do

Day 4: Exodus 4:1-20

Watch: Prince Of Egypt Deliver Us -


Think: God had been planning for Moses for a long time—do you think God still has a plan for the world?

 Create: Moses had his family helping him. Make a people paper chain of your family

Different way to make people paper chains can be found here:

Hannah made a circle of her family, what will your look like. Who is each person representing?

People circle paper chain

 Do: Make a thank you card for a family member who has helped you.

 Pray: Thank God for your family

Day 3 – Exodus 2:23-3.20

Watch: The Prince of Egypt - God Speaks to Moses -

Think: How would it feel to have an encounter with God like that?

Create: Make or draw a burning bush. Hannah has made hers using paper and pens. Could you use things from outside as well? Get creative (but NO real fire!)

Burning Bush craft

Do: Moses had to be fit to look after his sheep. Have a competition to see who can do the most star jumps

 Pray: For people to encounter God in their lives.

Day 2: Monday 23 March 2020

Exodus 2: 11-22 

Watch: Moses flees from Pharaoh -

Think: Moses is going to help save his people but now he feels alone. What can help us not feel alone?

 Create: Moses grew up in Egypt— make the biggest pyramid you can, I made one out of Lego and also made one with my books. What will you make a pyramid out of and how big will it be? (Remember - whatever you make you do have to tidy up afterwards!)

Lego PyramidBook Pyramid

Do: With an adult contact someone who might be feeling lonely and scared at the moment 

Pray: For people who are alone that they would know God’s peace.

Day 1: Sunday 22 March 2020

 Colossians 3: 12-17

Watch: Peace Like A River CJ and Friends -

Think: How can we have peace when things seem scary?

Create: Make a dove and hang in your room –I got my idea on the left from on pintrest but a search of the internet with an adult  brings up lots of ideas as well. the Dove on the right was made for me a few months ago. Get creative!

Dove craft for holiday cubdove craft 2 for holiday club

Do: Join the national action –with an adult light a candle at 7pm and put it in your window. People all over the country will be doing this as a sign that the light of the world is with us and reminding us to pray for light in dark and scary times.

Pray: For people who are scared that they would know God’s peace.

Remember send us pictures and videos of what you make and do so we can share with each other. Email them to (pictures and videos sent may be uploaded and shared on church websites and social media)