Holiday Club

We have some special summer activities for you to try out!

Download the August activity sheet here and see how many of the challenges you can do!

One of the activities is a treasure hunt around Canterbury - to download the map for this on its own click here

Download the July activity sheet here and see how many you can do!

One of the activities is a treasure hunt around Canterbury - to download the map for this on its own click here

If you are looking for more activities to do and haven't already done them all we have all of our home lockdown activity sheets available still:

Explore the story of Moses: week 1, week 2

Explore Holy Week and Easter: week 3, week 4

Explore the story of the early church: week 5, week 6, week 7

Explore the Story of Joseph, week 8, week 9

Explore thy Kingdom Come: week 10

Explore the miracles of Jesus: week 11

Explore the parables of Jesus: week 12

Explore the heroes of the Old testament: week 13, week 14

We were running a daily holiday club for the first 14 weeks of lock down. the sheets for each week can be found above and the details for week 14 can still be found below:

Week 14 - All of the days for week 14 are up - scroll down to find the right day

Day 1 Judges 4 &5

Watch: God’s Story: Deborah

Think: What do you think makes someone a good leader?

Create:  A Judge weighs up what has happened before making a decision. The symbol for a judge is scales – make some scales

Do: Experiment with your scales and see what you can weigh at home

Pray: For good leaders like Deborah to lead in our world


Day 2  Ruth

Watch: God’s Story: Ruth

Think: Why do you think Ruth was willing to risk everything to go with Naomi?

Create: Ruth became part of Jesus’ family tree – make a family tree for your family – how far back can you go?

Do: Find out stories about your ancestors (family members who lived before you)

Pray: For people who have to leave their home


Day 3 1 Samuel 1-2:10

Watch: Hannah and God (slapstick theatre)

Think: Is it always easy to pray for everything?

Create: Make sock puppets to act out the story

Do: Try and learn the Lords prayer

Pray: For persistence to keep praying about everything


Day 4: 1 Samuel 17

Watch:  God’s People: David

Think: Do mistakes mean that God can no longer use us to do good?

Create: David became a King – make a crown

Do: David defeated a giant with a stone he threw – see who can throw the furthest (be careful to do this outside!)

 Pray: For people who have made mistakes to know God loves them still


Day  5  Daniel

Watch: God’s Story: Daniel

 Think: Do you think you would be able to follow Gods way if other people told you that you would be punished if you did?

 Create: Make a Lion

Do: Find out 5 cool facts about Lions

Pray: For protection for people in scary situations


Day 6: Esther

Watch: God’s Story: Esther

Think: How do you think Esther was able to be brave?

Create: The Jewish holiday of Purim celebrates this story – when it is read out people make noise every time Haman name is mentioned. Make a noise maker to help drown out the sound of his name.

Do: Find out more about Purim

Pray: For people who are in danger because of their faith


Day 7  

Remember send us pictures and videos of what you make and do so we can share with each other. Email them to (pictures and videos sent may be uploaded and shared on church websites and social media)