Life-long learning: explorations in faith



Some ideas to get you thinking from home:

Stimulating online videos:

Church of England website: 

Look in Faith in Action and Faith Stories for videos to inspire and challenge.

St Paul's Cathedral Sunday Forum Films:

Click here

Fascinating and accessible talks with a variety of speakers including:
Stephen Cotterill on Prayer,
Jane Williams on Humility,
Francis Young on Construing the Cross,
Stephen Cherry on The Soul,
Alister McGrath on Inventing the Universe,
Selina Stone on Was Jesus Political?
Eva Poole on Consumerism and Theology,
Lucy Winkett on God Made Strange

Theology in Conversation from the University of Nottingham:

Find their playlist here  to get to grips with contemporary theological debate. Topics include:
How do we view life?
Love and Death
Ask a Theologian, What’s in the name, Jesus Christ?
Miracles and the Gospels
The Big Society
Is Religion Divisive?

Current Affairs:

Interview with Archbishop Justin – How can the Church be Church during the Covid-19 Crisis?

Rowan Williams interviewed on Coronovirus on Newsnight.

Tom Wright on Being a Christian during Coronavirus: Ask NT Wright Anything