A Simple Guide to Your Parish Churches

What sort of churches are St. Martin’s & St. Paul’s?


We are part of the Church of England, and our worship is mostly the central  tradition also known as “broad” church. Our friendly congregation is drawn from the local and wider community.

Who can come to church here?


Anybody. You don’t have to be baptised or confirmed. For us, “all” means “unconditionally all” – everyone is welcome.

When are our services?

St. Martin’s Sundays at 9am for Holy Communion (finishes about 9.50am). This is usually a  service without music using modern language; once a month with music and the traditional language of the Book of Common Prayer. We stem back to the 6th century and are the longest established Christian community in the country.

St. Paul’s Sundays at 10.30am for the Parish Eucharist which includes hymns, a sermon and a sung setting (don’t worry you’ll soon pick it up).


This has the larger attendance – and there are lots of other people to watch if you’re not sure what to do – they will show you when to stand up or sit down. If you want to come to a quieter, more reflective service, then the 8am might suit you.  This is in traditional Book of Common Prayer language and there are no hymns and there is a shorter sermon.

Messy Church  Craft, activities, stories, prayers and eating.  Everybody welcome. 2nd Sunday of each month (except January and August), 3pm @ Querns Community Centre.

What’s the dress code?


There isn’t one. Some people dress smartly and others casually. The important thing is to feel relaxed and comfortable.

What are the first steps?


You come and visit us at our churches. St Paul’s can easily be accessed by wheelchairs and buggies. We don’t yet have step-free access at St. Martin’s. You’ll be greeted by one of our welcoming team. They’ll give you a service booklet and a newsletter, and a hymn book when needed.

Where do I sit?


Pretty much anywhere. The children’s (‘Sunday Zone’) toy area is on the far side of the church in St. Paul’s, and toys are available at the back at St. Martin’s. Sit where you feel comfortable and can see what’s going on.

What next? 


After a welcome the service begins.  You can follow the service in the service booklet.
Try something new:  We hope that perhaps you’ll try something new by coming along and joining us to worship God at St. Martin’s, St Paul’s or Messy Church.

Make it your own: Whether you want peace and space, or someone to chat with, whether you want to join our messy church,  whether you want to meet new people or have many questions about life and faith or if you just want to be with God... all are very welcome.